Cultivate Relationships That Transcend Transactions!

With over ten years of private practice experience, a knack for making profound connections with audiences and a voracious appetite for helping others maximize their potential, Stephen knows how to rock a platform, connect with a crowd,  and bring them to their learning edge so that they can become powerful professionals and community members.

Unlike most of the speakers you have experienced before, Dr. Stephen de Wit is a Board Certified Sexologist through the American College of Sexologists.  He holds a Doctorate of Human Sexuality in addition to a Master of Public Health. Pulling from our often considered personal struggles to public policy righting social ails, Stephen seamlessly weaves what he's learned from working with thousands of clients and distills it into actionable steps that can be implemented immediately.

You are invited to explore and ask questions – even dream of possibilities, as Stephen holds a fun and safe place for us to laugh and learn. His infectious energy and humor compel audiences to laugh while they learn. He engages groups from the moment he steps on stage and leaves them with empowering tools and mindsets that they will use long after the lights have gone out on stage.


Rise above the noise, disrupt the ordinary, and create extraordinary experiences.

Ignite engagement, fuel productivity. In a disengaged world, communication and relationships hold the key. Forge connections that inspire, listening with intent to understand. Communicate purpose, paint a vision that sparks passion. Empower employees through genuine dialogue, fostering a sense of belonging. The change starts with communication.


Let's get to know each other 

You've been reading a lot about me and I want to listen to you. 

What can truly make a difference? 

What do your people need to be celebrated for? 

How do your people need to be challenged?  

What is the biggest pain point you're facing at this time?

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